My maiden BLOG

Here I begin; my maiden BLOG… about which I have been PROCRASTINATING since ages. Basically, starting a blog on which I could type down my ideas seemed to be a fatiguing task. After all the daily routine jobs, writing something…makes me yawn. But, the reality is that it is the best part when I could sit down with myself. Listen to what my conscience has to speak, without getting judged and feeling embarrassed as to what I am speaking and why I am speaking so. I do not need permission from anybody before expressing my views, and the best part is, I am a family of this ONLINE saga.

People write blogs for variety of reasons. Some people want to simply write because they are passionate about writing, some write because they wanna land up with a handsomely paying job, others write because they feel that writing acts as a voice which others don’t wish to listen, there are some more who write because they suffer from OCD of writing, But I feel like writing because my mind couldn’t stop talking and now I am tired of listening to it.

So I took this decision to start writing and keeping a track of my memory and years later, I will carry out a longitudinal study of my thoughts and the status quo of my mind. Time changes, seasons changes and so does the thoughts. My attempt would be to measure the intensity of my thoughts few years down the line when I will be too occupied with the never-ending chores of family life. Spinsterhood is the best part of life where you are like a free bird. This blog is the product of my spinsterhood and a tribute to the discretion which my parents have given me. Through this blog, I might not be able to connect with everyones’ heart, because I am not aware where Google will rank me (hahahaha) also my blog doesn’t targets everyone to have same though as I might nurture, but surely my blog will be for those who would like to talk on the frequency on which my waves are floating or for those whose frequency is different but message is the same.

Goodnight Blog

See you some other day with a new post

Miss me!!

P.S.: Miss you too already until I get time to write again.


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