A feeling we call as “ADRONITIS”

Emotions are inseparable cover of human life.

They incessantly flow in a direction and lead us towards a pathway which sometimes appears as a deadlock; sometimes as an intersection of opportunities and at other times as a choice emerging from the call of soul. There are times when a person reaches a pinnacle where there nothing but numbness within them. You tend to feel a void and certainly no one can fill that void unless you become conscious about the course of your life. The anomaly associated with the unthinkable phase of life leads to dullness and an urge to explore the unexplorable. This urge knocks out various shades of our personality, not necessarily all the facets of the emotions at this juncture illustrate the villain in us; but they also unveil the potential of becoming an angel.

In this journey of becoming and exploring the angel and devil part, sometimes we get entangled in a web which never opens up the path of salvation for us. Rather, the web is so intricately woven that the distances seems to aggravate. The harder we try to become close, with greater propensity the distances become more evident. In such a scenario, negativity breeds in a person leading to frustration. This situation is quite evident when we fall in love and the person about whom we are madly in love with, doesn’t respond to our vibes. Not only the love for someone leads to such syndromes but when the longing to achieve our dreams and ambitions seems bleak then also we feel defeated.

The wholesome impact of these sensations can be termed as “ADRONITIS” [frustration with how long does it takes to know some].

The dictionary meaning of this word is the real life experience witnessed by Homo Sapiens in the humdrum of life. This feeling is so intense that one can always recall and associate one or the other phase of their life to it. Be it with their wife, lover, kids, boss or someone they encountered a transit.

By deliberately drowning myself in the depths of this feeling, remembering a passage of my past, I keyboarded a prose on it.



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