Habits makes a man Healthy

It’s been a long time since I have watched television. Since I enrolled myself in MBA, (the so called degree earning program which is said to define a managerial course of your life) I have not been able to associate myself with a box popularly known as T.V. Sometimes I feel that am growing old because the younger ones and the elder ones; both are aware of the daily soaps and upcoming movies in trend. But ME! Oh gosh.. just no time left for the television. My life misses the presence of T.V. but what to say, undoubtedly, I have time for everything but T.V.

You must be wondering there are a lot of people who do not watch T.V.; what is soo big about this issue of life that I have dedicated a blog on it. There is a big rationale for writing this blog. A latest research by Elsevier Health Sciences has come up with an astonishing fact. It mentioned that prolonged viewing of television can lead to death of a person. Thankfully, I am not getting aged, like I mentioned before (relieved…). Maybe I am increasing my longevity to serve the purpose of my life for which I am born.

The research revealed that people who watch television for more than one hour a day are 15% more likely to die from any cause. In addition, people who watch televisions for more than 7 hours a day are 47% more likely to die sooner. The research mentioned that T.V. viewing is coupled with sedentary behavior (i.e. rendering a person inactive due to prolonged sitting) and it results in people sacrificing on their required amount of physical activities. Such lifestyle is highly detrimental to the health of such people and may lead to higher mortality risk from cancer and heart disease.

Such researches contribute to society in a very resourceful manner and their contribution is indispensable in altering the lifestyle of those people who accidently and unintentionally get involved in such acts. There is a need to spread such researches on a wider scale and hence I decided to dedicate my blog to this cause. A philosophy to lead healthy life is found less prominent among the Gen Z. They are the ones who need to be aware about the repercussions of such habits. Often, in lieu of living a relaxing life, we kill ourselves inadvertently. Thus, avoid sedentary behavior and become active and adventurous citizens to enhance your longevity for serving the purpose of your being. For gaining in-depth knowledge of this research one can refer to American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 2015; DOI: 10.1016/j.amepre.2015.05.023.


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