The Angrezi Style Mithai for Diwali

This Diwali I was resolute to not to offer traditional sweets to my guests. Though I heard that this Diwali no confectioneries are under fire for delivering poor quality of khoya mithai.. but the doubt has seeded well-proportionately in my mind that I couldn’t let it go.

So I decided to bake a home-made Oreo and Hide & Seek biscuit cake with my mother!

It was the night of Chhoti Diwali i.e. the day before the finale and we gathered all the material which was required for the preparation. We bought Rs.30/- Oreo biscuit packet, Rs. 25/- Hide and Seek Biscuit and 4 packets of Parle G biscuit. After we were done with the biscuits, we also added Vanilla essence bottle in our bucket. Finally, we got 2 packets of Eno to ad in cake. We already had tutti frutti at home so there was no need to buy more. And yes, we forgot to buy milk and we were running short of it at home… so I had to run again to the market to buy the same, which was indeed tiring but I intrinsically motivated to bake one of the tastiest cake this Diwali!


All the ingredients were ready and now it was their turn to make friends with each other so that we could hog on them when they become ready on the platter. So I decided that I will take charge of making Oreo cake and my mother baked Hide and Seek Cake.

Before doing anything we collected the tools which were required to display our Master Chef skills… hahaha! So I arranged for an egg beater to mix the batter of the cake in a fine paste. Then we also cleaned the container of the mixer and finally I cleaned the sauce pan. I also brought one bowl in which the batter will be mixed.


Thereafter, we began making the so awaited Diwali cake! First my mom collected 15 Oreo and 20 Parle G Biscuits. Step 1: She crushed the biscuits in the mixer till the time they did not convert into a fine powder (like maida flour).

Step 2: Then, she mixed the lukewarm milk with the flour till the time it did not blend completely and became a  paste flowing like a ribbon.

Step 3: When the batter became consistent and no blobs were noticeable then we added tutti frutti to it. We mixed the mixture again and then before putting it in the microwave we added one small satchel of Eno in it!

Step 4: My mom put the whole mixture in the microwave pan.. oh sorry! I forgot to mention that she oiled the microwave pan before putting the mixture in it.

Step 5: Then we placed the mixture of going-to-be-yummy-cake in the microwave for 7 minutes at double flame. After seven minutes…I could smell an insatiable aroma which was irresistible.

Step 6: So my mom served me a hot piece of cake and I munched it… Goodness gracious! It was soooooooo yummilicious that my tongue couldn’t stop watering for more of it.

Caution: Somehow I controlled my craving for more as it was meant for the guests.

This wowsome charged me up for preparing another cake in no time. Diwali with the cake became a cakewalk. Everyone visiting our home was served this came. They expressed their delight and relished the unforgettable taste of the homemade cake. We served the pieces of cake as brownies and the guests appreciated this idea. The common talk in our home this Diwali with them was, “How to make a biscuit cake” hahahahaha…


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