Aloha and the lingering Melonchaly

The very merry festive season has gone by finally, and we all are back to work. The five day festive feel which brings a wave of lightning in our spirits is getting faded now

The brightly worn attires and the bewitchingly adorned homes will be back to their original self…

The marketplace which was filled with the huge gift hampers and combo-discount packs will be removed from the shelves!

The enchanting lights of Diyas and radiating candles will not be kept on the sidewalls of the homes to welcome anyone…

The antique showpieces and the wall-hangings will not adorn the marketplace and the space which caught the eyes of many will become desolate soon…

The warmth of the air will not carry the sweetness of the misthan to assuage the flavors of our taste buds



The sky would not appear brightly lit in the light with the miraculous firecrackers

No more wishing lights will be seen in the sky which granted wishes to many hearts and souls for their prosperous future!

I have started feeling the melancholy of advancing winters which will cast its spell on the vividness of the weather!

This festival and its ceremonies gears up to become stronger and sturdy to face the challenges to transit effortlessly towards the desolate weather…


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