The Place called Earth

When a man stands on the podium, in the congregation of hundreds of men alike, he attributes the credit of his success to those who are closely associated with him/her or to a power which is unknown yet exists (i.e. God). But, seldom do they admire the contribution of those who were the messengers of Gods to save their souls. We believe in only those figures which are perceived to be true from our perspective. In this movie all the “Eight dogs” were akin to the masseha of gods not even for a second they left a chance when the two men on the sledge could feel alone. They were not aware of an emotion which often scares a man (i.e. danger and risk).


For them all they knew was love; in the masquerade of being one of the most intelligent species of this planet, human beings often have no space for love in their life. Those innocent yet courageous dogs saved the life of dying souls amidst the wilderness, yet they were left deserted in the ice-sheet devoid of the thought that would they live or die.


One of the weirdest species on this earth is mankind. Rather, I would say that we are one of the most advanced forms of animals to engage in barbaric acts. We talk about emotions like I do, but when it comes to rescuing the life of someone who has done unfathomable for us, we show them our back because for us, our life is pristine.

The movie portrayed that in the difficult and challenging times in life, we would rather run from the situation to save our status quo rather than staying in the battlefield. Gone were the days when the maharajas and their clan stood like man of steel to fight for their rights till their last breadth.

urlWatching that movie my heart filled with sheer emotions for those saviors of gods and I would love to dedicate some lines for them:



eight-belowOn the white sheet of the earth,

When I was standing aloof in the wilderness,

You came to my rescue as an angel to fill my emptiness,

To hold the horses of my destiny’s plan!!

If I were Dr. Dolittle, I would dedicate all my life for you

If I were a magician, I would heal all the wounds of your soul

If I were a human, I would never leave you in the snowy woods


If I were you, I would cease living for you!


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