Destiny of a Traveltrove

As a child, I remember that when I used to go out with my parents to some place, I used to feel that how intelligent is my father. He knows about every road and its path. Until a day arrived when I was returning from a marriage at night with them and he lost his way. No matter how hard he tried but we were stuck because we were repetitively coming back to the place from where we tried to find the path. Finally, a noble man came and he guided us the path which lead to highway and we could connect to the ring road. That was such a scary night!! For god sakes, I couldn’t believe that there could be times when we may lose the direction and end up being nowhere.

Since that day, whenever my father heeds to some place where he had never been before, he consult one or two people; then makes a rough roadmap to reach the destination and also that way back home. This habit of his had been successful lately for we remain alert regarding which road to take and which ones to ignore. Also, with google map in android phones these days the journey has also become safer. GPS technology has saved the lives of many.

Whenever I recall this memory, I always ponder upon my life. What if I could draw a roadmap of my life, so that I should know which career choice is the best and which ones to ignore! Where will I reach if I choose this course of life and join XYZ Company, attend ABC course, be a part of PQR family. But, unlike the decided course of road and their destination, life is not this very certain. There are many bumps and sharp turns which cause hindered because of our incapability to predict them. There is no headlight in life which can alert us about the unforeseen incidents/accidents. I wish that some roads are familiar so that the journey of life becomes smooth and gratifying.

Travel Trove
Longing of a Traveltrove

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