SALT is vital in LIFE

Yesterday, I was watching one of the most awaited movies, in my bucket list “SALT”. My brother downloaded the movie for me via BitTorrent and as usual, I wasted the movie on my lappy, in bed before I went to sleep. You know these days I am getting into the mode of bed time movie…! My brother is a real help.. he always downloads movies for me which I fail to watch, but I really want to see. He always comes handy and encourages me to watch more of the movie because he is himself a movie maniac.

When the movie began, I was all filled with excitement and jitters. This is a very common feeling when I am able to actually do something for which I have been longing since very looonnnggggggggg…. Finally, I movie was there, right in front of me… with THE ANGELINA JOULIE as a protagonist. To be frank, people are mad for her luscious lips, but I never felt a wow factor with her wide lips. I feel that her eyes are more magnetic then her lips. She has a charismatic face cut which can obviously sweep you off your feet. But when I saw her dangerous stunts in the movie, it took my breath away. I was stunned to see her perform so well that I started doubting if she is actually a female.

Her portrayal of the character was so fantastic that I was mesmerized by her aura in the movie. She not just pulled the story line intricately but she also made every scene of the movie look genuine. Her callous expression towards the man who nurtured her to destroy every person who inflicted pain on Russia; her prowess in killing every ill soul who killed her only husband whom she loved more than herself; her astuteness in observing every move of people around her involved in the mission; every aspect of the movie was woven rationally and logically.

She carved a way for herself in every circumstance and emerged as lion-hearted women, filled with nothing but audaciousness and determination to accomplish her aims. This movie left a real impression on my mind; it is in you the real power to achieve what you want to achieve. By becoming detached from someone, it is not necessary that a person always becomes weak; there is a greater likelihood that a person emanates and showcases their hidden strengths, which they themselves were not aware of.

SALT is in all of us. Without SALT everything would seem bland. Just like food tastes bland without SALT; our potential to achieve our dreams is that SALT that can fill our life with delectable flavours. But, remember that SALT is the basic ingredient to run the course of our life… Without SALT.. Every other spice would leave a weak flavor. Thus, identify the SALT in your personality, to rise high and also to support all other spices of your personality.


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