Winters have arrived or not?

It’s the month of December,












Jiggery and jingles . . .!

Winters bring a wave of coziness which makes it hard for us to leave our quilts in the morning, when we are up for work; rather I should say forced to ‘stand up for work’. Winter morning is the toughest hour of the day as we are forced to leave the warmth of night. But, when the morning begins with a cup of freshly brewed Bru coffee, then it charges the body to feel vitalized for the day to follow.

As a custom, my mother has unpacked all the sweaters, jackets, shawls, pullovers, socks, mufflers, gloves, winter caps, blazers and many more knitted clothing for us to wear. But, to our surprise, we are waiting for the winters to arrive. This year the sky appears foggy, but not misty! The evenings and early mornings are cool but not cold; the sun is bright but not hot; the soups are tasty but not provoking; the groundnuts are in home but not inviting; the gajaks and rewaris are saccharine but not tempting; the nights are cold but not chilly; the water is cold not icy; the winters is there bit not visible to senses.

Seldom does winter has made its presence feel so weak. The reason for this has been attributed to the overwhelming levels of pollution in Delhi. Norway has categorized Delhi as ‘hardship posting’ zone for their expatriates. Not only does the pollution level renders the overpowering winters remain at bay but Delhities are also at peril. The commotion brought by the soaring levels of pollution calls for radical changes in the lifestyle of Delhi. As a part of responsible citizen, I have invested a significant portion of my salary in buying an electric scotty, which does not pollute the air of Delhi. Hope everyone contribute their part to make Delhi a better city to live in! But how they are going to do it, is a question which they need to decipher on their own.


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