Peshwa Bjairao Ballal Hazir Hoooo!!

Yet again Sanjay Leela Bhansali has proved his worth by crafting another masterpiece. Bajirao Mastani is a classic piece of work showcasing larger-then-life characters. The director has put his heart and soul in representing the charisma of Maratha Empire under Bajirao Peshwa I. The opulent royal residence Shaniwar Wada, background score, picturesque war-site locations and captivating dialogs would grip your attention. Thespians have robed their heart and soul in the skin of the real life characters. Even the make-up artists have done their job religiously.

Shanivar Wada in Pune

Watch Bajirao Mastani to cascade into the generations of warriors:

You would gape at enchanting beauty of Mastani Bai (Deepika Padukone) in a whole new avatar. She is adorned in typical Islamic jewelry and majestic attire. Her mesmerizing eyes, dance, smile added grace to her petite figure. The way she dramatizes the sword-play would startle you. The sweat and tantalizing sensations of Mastani shows her prowess in 21st century era.

Mastani Bai

Kashi Bai’s (Priyanka Chopra) is another protagonist who would leave you speechless with her performance. Her patience and tolerance in the pious husband-wife relation is commendable. She has puller her character with ease and emerged as an ideal wife of Shrimant Bajirao Peshwa.

Kashi Bai

Radhabai (Tanvi Azmi) spilled venom towards Mastani. But for Kasha Bai, she is one of those mother-in-laws which every Bahu would dote on. Her reverence towards Maratha samrajya and hatred towards Muslims is incredibly cynical.

Radha Bai (Bajirao’s Mother)

Minister Pant (Milind Soman) was an additional surprise package. It is not easy to recognize him in his imperial disguise. He is Bajirao’s benefactor and is convincing too.

Pant Sahab

Songs and background score would immerse you in the storyline. You would be glued to the movie throughout. Historical movies become grandiose only with Bhansali effect. The accoustics of war, sword, horse-steps, rain and even the silence of the night would invoke goosebumps in you.

Battle scene at Bundelkhand

The famous Deewani Mastani would make it hard for you to blink your eyes; Aayat song is weaved in the narrative to ooze splendor of love; Pinga do poli would see Bollywood’s two best actresses dancing in sync.

Kashibai and Mastani

The cinematography is crafted to express the rich heritage of India. In the climax when Bajirao hallucinated his death, would melt your heart at the plight of his destiny.

Love Trio

The man of the match is Ranbir Singh (i.e. Bajirao Ballal). He enacted the Maratha warrior with sheer proficiency and mental prowess. He proved that Bajirao was a brave Peshwa of his reign. In his role, he fought with the dandpatta and the cavalry trick to seduce the spectators and get applauded for his performance. He is truly the next stalwart to make Bollywood proud.

Bajirao Peshwa I

Do not miss a chance relish in the grandiosity of Bhansali’s movie. Adore the Maratha era wherein there was all blood mingled with passionate love.

Mashoor mere Ishqq ki Kahani ho gayi

Har Har Mahadev



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