Destiny of a Traveltrove

What if I could draw a roadmap of my life… … More Destiny of a Traveltrove


An old Friend

  Meeting an old friend is synonymous to invigorating the past memories… Meeting an old friend is like painting the forgotten canvas of life… Meeting an old friend is like living a dead dream… Meeting an old friend is as special as buying the diamond piece… You might wonder why this rendezvous is so special… … More An old Friend

My New Journey

Life unfolds its various dimensions, But each dimension unfolds numerous pretensions, I ponder over my apprehensions, Will my new journey become a consummate invention!! My Journey My Dream My new journey is not actually a new journey, Its an excerpt of my life’s journey, My cerebration conceives the idea of new journey, Knowing that its … More My New Journey


      Like the indispensable water… And the indispensable air… Mother is that shelter Who marks our life complete with indispensable care…!! We all adore our Mothers But forget to adore her… We celebrate this day thinking It will make her merrier…!! For her every day is merrier If we are around her… Nevertheless, she will … More Mother……..

My maiden BLOG

People write blogs for variety of reasons. Some people want to simply write because they are passionate about writing, some write because they wanna land up with a handsomely paying job, others write because they feel that writing acts as a voice which others don’t wish to listen, there are some more who write because they suffer from OCD of writing, But I feel like writing because my mind couldn’t stop talking and now I am tired of listening to it. … More My maiden BLOG