A feeling we call as “ADRONITIS”

The dictionary meaning of this word is the real life experience witnessed by Homo Sapiens in the humdrum of life. … More A feeling we call as “ADRONITIS”


Are you sure?

Whatever you do Or whatever you don’t The question is not how you do Or how you don’t … My dubiety hangs on this panorama That whatever you are performing Are you sure Or are you not? When the call into this question is deciphered And your mind is not cluttered When you are not … More Are you sure?

I am not Wimpy…..

I am a mighty banyan tree My branches are tall like zombie… I render my arms which looks whirly… But it spreads a space sheer shady!! When children gather around me I feel ecstasy… They play around me very merrily… I appear to all immoderately untidy… But don’t you worry… My heart is very lovely… … More I am not Wimpy…..