A feeling we call as “ADRONITIS”

The dictionary meaning of this word is the real life experience witnessed by Homo Sapiens in the humdrum of life. … More A feeling we call as “ADRONITIS”


When it rains

When it rains… The earth blossoms and her heart can be seen When it rains… Rainbow appears and all the light is healed But When the rain rages Even the sages cannot be seen… When it rains All the sins are washed… When it rains All the whims are lost… So Rain is the reality … More When it rains

Office Space

A space where every person wishes to reside A space we dream to achieve in our life But only a few realize that this space is not a futile As it fills the maximal space of our life Similar to the ‘space’ of the Milky Way This space also paves an upward way Sometimes it … More Office Space

Chanel Couture

From the lanes of the orphanage To the haute couture’s pedestal A dainty mistress of silhouette Enthralled the world of unvoiced fashion. Her betrothal in threads of inconceivable fashion Casted out timeworn corsets Conjuring the little black dress Airing the enigmatic Chanel No. 5 Scent. Maverick were her panaches Reticent was her temperament Blunt was … More Chanel Couture

Balwadi Bliss

A valley of scented smiles, The dulcetness of innocent nestlings, The wannabe stars of tomorrow, & the splendid minds of yearlings…! Such was the place, which seemed like a palace, Because the enthrallment of being with kids was no less than a chocolate, Balwadi gave me the joy of canvassing a future, As I reverie … More Balwadi Bliss

An old Friend

  Meeting an old friend is synonymous to invigorating the past memories… Meeting an old friend is like painting the forgotten canvas of life… Meeting an old friend is like living a dead dream… Meeting an old friend is as special as buying the diamond piece… You might wonder why this rendezvous is so special… … More An old Friend

My New Journey

Life unfolds its various dimensions, But each dimension unfolds numerous pretensions, I ponder over my apprehensions, Will my new journey become a consummate invention!! My Journey My Dream My new journey is not actually a new journey, Its an excerpt of my life’s journey, My cerebration conceives the idea of new journey, Knowing that its … More My New Journey


      Like the indispensable water… And the indispensable air… Mother is that shelter Who marks our life complete with indispensable care…!! We all adore our Mothers But forget to adore her… We celebrate this day thinking It will make her merrier…!! For her every day is merrier If we are around her… Nevertheless, she will … More Mother……..